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SERVICES ALEPH ZERO Market & Social Research is a Business Development Consultancy providing research, marketing and technology skills for growth in Latin America.
  • Fieldwork for a wide array of publics: B2B, Users, Consumers, etc.

  • Wide data gathering techniques: PAPI & CAI . CLT, Intercepts


  • Qualitative Studies:
          | Focus group | Workshops | In Depth Interviews | Observation research |

  • Studies based on Semiotics and Ethnography.

  • Online Research: Email & Web Based, VCLT

  • Desk Research and information consulting.

  • Data processing and statistics analysis

  • Consulting services: Data Minning, Modelling

  • All research services are conducted in accordance with the ICC/ ESOMAR,

  • International

  • Codes and Social Research Practice standards


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